Calvary Baptist Church

Coming To Terms with Reality (Ecclesiastes 9:1-10)

4 Things that Give Structure to the Meaning of Life:

  1. Everyone is under the supervision of God (Ecclesiastes 9:1)
    • From a human perspective, it seems as if the wicked prosper and the righteous suffer. But in reality, there is only one fate for both, and both are under God's sovereignty.
    • God is sovereign and man cannot figure out God's sovereign will (Job 12:10)
    • The treatment that the righteous will receive in this life is unknown. Mankind can only deal with circumstances, the lot he has been given (Ecclesiastes 9:1)
    • There is no built in guarantee of worldly success/blessing for the righteous person (Ecclesiastes 9:1).
    • This is okay. We don't have to have all our questions answered, because we know and trust that God is good.
  2. Everyone will meet the same end (Ecclesiastes 9:2)
    • Everyone, whether good or evil, will die.
    • This is evil! (Ecclesiastes 9:3). The fact that all will meet the same end, regardless of whether they are righteous or wicked, is an evil, and not the end of the story.
    • Why do people die? Because of sin. Death is a judgement for sin.
    • The gospel of Jesus Christ, who has the authority to give eternal life, rescues us from this evil conclusion.
  3. Everyone is thorougly sinful and off their rocker! (Ecclesiastes 9:3)
    • Everyone's heart is full of evil and insanity. Somehow, evil, sin, and insanity are all related.
    • People fill their lives with insignificant passions instead of doing their hardest to deal with their real problem, sin and death. This is insane!
    • Our world is filled with political, judicial, moral, relational, intellectual, fiscal insanity. This insanity comes from the sin in our hearts, and we deal with it every day of our lives.
    • Our insanity starts with our rebellion against God.
    • Mankind has a moral wildness about him that reveals the sting of death.
    • Only in Christ, we regain our sanity, and we can see things as they really are (the reality of death, sin, eternal life, etc.
  4. Everyone who knows Christ can and should enjoy life while there are here.
    • But, when there is life, there is still hope. Life is still worth living (Ecclesiastes 9:4). Why? Because the living know they are alive, but the dead don't know anything (Ecclesiastes 9:5). Also, the living still have a share of the good things that are under the sun.
    • Because the living have hope, they can extrapolate to enjoy your life. Live your life with contentment (Ecclesiastes 9:7). Enjoy the gifts that God has bestowed upon you! If you are blind to not see the gifts, then open your eyes!
    • Indeed, God has already approved our works, because of Christ (Ecclesiastes 9:7). This gives us the wherewithall to enjoy life without worry.
    • Live a pure and a Godly life, a loyal life to God (Ecclesiastes 9:8). White symbolizes purity, oil symbolizes blessing.
    • Enjoy your life with your spouse! (Ecclesiastes 9:9) Do you do this? Or do you let all kinds of sin, family, outside relationships chip away at your relationship with your spouse? You only have a short period of time here. Don't let anyone rob your joy.
    • Live your life with Gusto! (Ecclesiastes 9:10) Live life in light of the end.

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