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Lesson 5: The Heart of Man

In this lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia steps out of Genesis to consider the issue of man’s heart on a broader biblical basis. Is man’s heart basically good, evil, or neutral? Does the doctrine of original sin absolve man of responsibility or compromise the justice of God? And if man can only be saved by the…

Lesson 4: Cain Kills Abel

In this lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia examines the account of Cain and Abel in Genesis 4:1-15 and looks to answer three main questions: why did Cain become angry to the point of murder, why was Cain’s sacrifice rejected when Abel’s was accepted, and from where did Cain get his wife?

gospel of John

The Life-Giving Light

In this sermon, Pastor Dave Capoccia examines John 8:12-20 and Jesus’ proclamation of himself as the light of the world at the Feast of Booths. John reports Jesus’ third round of discussion with the Jews at the Feast of Booths so that you might by faith gain Jesus as the light of life and not…

Lesson 3: The Effects of the Fall

In this lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia looks at Genesis 3:8-24 to discuss the effects of man’s fall into sin. Pastor Dave examines the curse on the Serpent, on the woman, and on the man, but also how these curses are fulfilled or reversed by Jesus Christ.

Lesson 2: Corruption—Sin Enters the World

In this lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia examines the Fall account in Genesis 3:1-7 to uncover what really happened at the Fall, what the Serpent’s fundamental mode of deception is (even today), and how the hope-giving gospel appeared immediately after man’s sin.

gospel of John

The Conundrum of the Woman Caught in Adultery

In this sermon, Pastor Dave Capoccia examines the story of the woman caught in adultery, noting the difficult text-critical background of this unique New Testament passage. The passage’s original writer reports Jesus’ amazing handling of the adulteress’ conundrum so that you also might escape condemnation by believing in Jesus and then might walk in grateful…

Lesson 1: The Seven Cs of History

In this lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia introduces the new series studying Genesis 3-11 and then discusses the Seven Cs of History, a biblical outline of history from Answers in Genesis useful for understanding ourselves as humans in light of history’s most key moments.

Lesson 13: Biblical Counseling Q & A

In this special question and answer lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia first discusses the issue of identity in relation to LGBTQ assertions and then answers four submitted questions related to biblical counseling for marriage and parenthood: 1. What does the Bible say about dating? 2. What role should Christian parents play in their children’s dating? 3.…

Lesson 12: Dealing with Homosexuality

In this lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia discusses how to deal with homosexuality in biblical counseling. Pastor Dave explains the need to take down false justifications for homosexuality, to minister the gospel to those struggling with homosexuality, and to exercise compassion and wisdom with unsaved homosexual family members. Note: You may see an automatically generated notice…