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The Olivet Discourse: Preparing for the End Times (Part 3)

In this sermon, Pastor Babij explains Daniel’s “abomination of desolation” and its importance for the end times; Pastor Babij shows that understanding the book of Daniel is crucial to an informed understanding of the earth’s last days. Pastor Babij also explains Jesus’ exhortation to His disciples to live in light of His imminent return and…

Seventy Years

Answers Bible Curriculum Year 2 Quarter 3 Lesson 12 This week in Sunday school, we look at Jeremiah’s seventy years prophecy. What was this prophecy? Why did God give it? What does this prophecy have to do with the famous Jeremiah 29:11 verse? We’ll look at these questions and more.

Praises to God

In this lesson, David Capoccia introduces the Book of Psalms and surveys its background information, interpretive considerations, and types. David Capoccia breaks the Psalms down into six types. Thanksgiving (e.g Ps. 150) Wisdom (e.g. Ps. 1) Royal (e.g. Ps. 110) Lamentation (e.g. Ps. 43) Penitential (e.g. Ps. 38) Imprecatory (e.g. Ps. 58)

Answers Bible Curriculum

The Value of a Biblical Worldview

In this lesson, we tie up the ideas about God, the Bible, and the gospel we’ve examined this quarter.  We also discuss worldview quiz questions to help assess ourselves as to whether we really trust the Bible to be our ultimate authority or not.