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The Apostle Paul’s Testimony

In this sermon, Pastor Babij examines the necessity and content of the Christian’s testimony by looking at the testimony given by the Apostle Paul before King Agrippa. Pastor Babij explains that Christians should recognize the work of God in Christ as central to their testimony and should also be able to share the their testimony with others as…

God Uses Gideon

Answers Bible Curriculum Year 2, Quarter 1, Lesson 5 In this lesson, David Capoccia looks at the account of God’s deliverance through Gideon in Judges 6-8. Through Gideon, God shows that He can provide great victory for weak warriors when they simply trust and obey Him.

Joshua, Caleb, and the Spies

In this lesson, we look at the account of Israel spying out and then refusing to enter the promised land of Canaan. While most of Israel doubted God and refused to obey God, a faithful remnant that included Joshua and Caleb stood strong and urged obedience. This passage has much to teach believers about trusting God’s…

Verdicts, Conscience, Revenge and Death

In this sermon, Pastor Babij examines the account of John the Baptist’s death from the Gospel of Mark. Pastor Babij explains the effect of God’s truth on Herod’s and Herodias’ consciences and how they chose to ignore the message and even attack the messenger to protect their sin. In light of this principle, Pastor Babij discusses what…