Grace Advance

GAMA Fellowship of Churches

Our church is proud to be a part of the Grace Advance Mid-Atlantic (GAMA) fellowship of churches.

What exactly is GAMA?

GAMA is a partnership of like-minded churches in New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia seeking to uphold Biblical doctrine and expand the reach of the Gospel. GAMA is part of the larger Grace Advance movement led by Grace Community Church in Los Angeles, California (Pastor John MacArthur’s church). Begun in 2011, Grace Advance seeks to support new and growing churches around the world by providing trained pastors, practical leadership advice, financial resources, ongoing theological instruction, encouragement, and prayer.

At Calvary, we not only want to provide benefit to God’s people in Central Jersey, but also throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We want to build up the other established churches, we want to help new churches get on their feet and become strong, and we want to receive benefit from the Mid-Atlantic churches in the unique ways God has gifted the members within their midst. Really, GAMA just takes the concept of the church body we embrace here at Calvary and expands it. Even though the GAMA churches are spread out across several states, we still can work together to bring benefit to God’s people and to see many more become followers of Jesus Christ!

We are happy to participate in GAMA in a number of ways. Our pastor serves as one of the leaders of GAMA, helps ordain new young pastors, and is glad to speak at GAMA churches or have their teachers speak at ours. Our church also is part of GAMA’s Bible conferences. In 2013, our church hosted GAMA’s first ever Marriage Conference, which featured Dr. John Street from The Master’s Seminary as the keynote speaker. The conference was a great success.

We look forward to becoming more involved in GAMA in the future.

See here for more information about Grace Advance Mid-Atlantic.