Equipping Ministries

Adult Sunday School Class

Adult Sunday School

Meets: Sunday mornings from September to June, 9:00 AM, Sanctuary
Leader: David Capoccia

Our goal is to challenge the church to think deeply and biblically through issues that matter. The purpose of Sunday school is to equip ourselves to do so by offering ongoing spiritual education and training. The class is very interactive — we encourage all to ask questions and share observations. The topics vary according to series but have included prayer, mercy ministries, missions, hermeneutics, hot-button issues in American culture, and church history. Currently, we are using the Answers Bible Curriculum from Answers in Genesis, a chronological study through the Bible with a strong apologetic component. All are welcome to join us!

Membership Class


Meets: (TBD as needed)
Leader: The Elders

Have you been baptized after coming to saving faith in Jesus? Are you experiencing the benefits of church membership? In the New Testament, believers didn’t just go to church, they obeyed Jesus’ command to be baptized and then joined a church. In doing so, believers were committing themselves to Christ, their brethren, and the teaching and leading of the church elders. We want to follow this biblical pattern at Calvary. The Membership Class is a course designed to explain what baptism and church membership really are all about. While this course prepares believers to become members of our church, those who attend are not obligated to be baptized or become members. The course begins at different times in the year based on interest.


Children’s Ministries

Children’s Sunday School Classes

Children Sunday School

Meets: Sunday mornings from September to June, 9:00 AM, Downstairs Classrooms
Leader: Khaleef Crumbley

Because of today’s challenging spiritual landscape, our children need the best when it comes to spiritual training. Our church is committed to giving our kids content-rich, God-centered teaching that presents the deep truths of the Bible in an interactive, understandable, and enjoyable way. We are, therefore, pleased to use the Answers Bible Curriculum from Answers in Genesis, a chronological study through the Bible with a strong apologetic component. In class, the kids will ask and answer questions, study Bible passages, complete crafts, memorize Bible verses, and engage in various learning activities all geared towards creating in them hearts that truly love God and that are confident in what He has accomplished in history. Our children’s Sunday school welcomes all kids from age two to those in high school.

Calvary Kidz


Calvary Kidz

Meets: TBD (September to June)
Leader: Michelle Neves

Throughout our week, we tend to get overwhelmed with school, work, and our daily challenges, so we need a reminder of what we learned the previous Lord’s Day. Calvary Kidz Ministry is that refreshment for our children. During this time the children pray together and learn together as we review lessons from the Answers Bible Curriculum. This gives Sunday’s lesson a chance to be reinforced through games, songs, crafts, and brief instruction.

Our goal is to provide the children with activities that are centered around Christ’s redemptive work on the Cross while forming strong bonds with their peers and mentors. We welcome children from ages 3 to 12.


Young Adult Ministries

Young Adult Ministry

Iron Men

Meets: Every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month (September to June)
Leader: Khaleef Crumbley

Transitioning into adulthood brings tough challenges, especially spiritual ones. We want to provide special discipleship for those making that transition. In our Young Adult Ministry (YAM for short), young men and women meet together at the church for fellowship centered around Bible or book study. Participants benefit from both critical instruction in relevant areas and formed bonds with peers and mentors. We welcome all those aged from late teens to early thirties to attend.


Men’s Ministry

Iron Man

Iron Men

Meets: Saturday mornings (September to June)
Leader: Pastor Joseph Babij

At our church, we do not want mere surface relationships; rather, we want to deeply invest in one another for mutual spiritual sharpening. This is precisely the goal of Iron Man. Iron Man features both instruction and discipleship specifically designed for men. At our meetings, the men dive into the truths of the Bible using a book study led by one of the leaders. Outside of the regular meetings, the men of Iron Man pair up to meet with one another, pray, and memorize Scripture. If you are man, please join us as we seek to strengthen each other in Christ!


Women’s Ministries

Side by Side

Meets: Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month (September to June)
Leaders: Jayne Babij, Sherrian Crumbley, Yiyin Ho

At our church, we believe it is critical that our women foster meaningful relationships with one another, and this is why we have Side by Side. Side by Side is a women’s ministry focused on discipleship, women coming alongside one another to form a safe, redemptive environment in which to minister to each others’ struggles. Along with bible study, the women are also encouraged to meet one-on-one or in small groups to develop friendships, openness, and accountability.  No woman should journey through the Christian life alone. If you are a teenager or older, please come join us!



Other Ministries

Home Groups

Home Groups

Meets: Twice a month. Meeting times vary by location. (September to June)
Leader: Dwayne Muller

As much as bold preaching is essential in church, so is real fellowship between the members of Christ’s body. Getting to know one another deeply, however, can be difficult on Sunday mornings with so many people in the church and little time between and after service. That’s why we have home groups, smaller gatherings that meet after the church service to share a meal, get to know one another, study and discuss a book, and pray. Biblical fellowship is so much more than saying “hi” to each other on Sundays; come join us in purposeful inter-personal investment through home groups!

Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry

Meets: Wednesdays at 6:45 PM, on Zoom
Leader: Pastor Dave Capoccia

One of the most powerful ways we can serve one another, the church, and the people in the world is through prayer. That’s why, at our church, we want a whole ministry centered on praying to God! At our weekly prayer meetings, we share answered prayers and prayer requests together as a large group then split into smaller groups of two or three to share personal prayer requests and to pray. We would love to have you partner with us in this ministry, because when God’s people pray according to God’s will, God acts amazingly!

Biblical Counseling

Biblical Counseling

Meets: By appointment

Are you struggling with a difficult circumstance, habit, or sin issue but don’t feel like you have a suitable Christian brother or sister that can help you with it? Biblical counseling, a private ministry committed to explaining how the Bible applies in all kinds of life situations, maybe just what you need. We have access to a number of both professional and volunteer Biblical counselors able to help. Contact us to learn more.