Helpful Links

Here are some great ministries and resources that we enjoy and find helpful.

Christian Learning:

Consider The Master's College Online The Master’s College ONLINE: Need a college degree? Consider the Master’s College Online! Every TMC Online course is taught from a Biblical worldview. Online courses use a variety of proven online instructional strategies to present content, to engage students with each other and with the instructor, and to assess student learning. Members of Calvary Community Church receive a 10% reduction in tuition costs.
The Master's Seminary The Master’s Seminary: Great resources for theology. In particular, The Master’s Seminary Journal and The Master’s Seminary Chapel Lectures contains articles and audio from trusted Biblical scholars.
Grace To You Grace to You: The ministry of John MacArthur, one of the foremost Bible teachers in the world today. Contains devotionals, sermons, and more. Here is a particularly good section on common questions and answers about the Bible, Christianity, and more.
9 Marks 9Marks: Want to know what you should be looking for in a church? Here is a great resource to help Christians understand the characteristics of a healthy church.
Desiring God Desiring God Ministries: “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.” Contains great articles, audio, blogs, and more.
Albert Mohler Albert Mohler’s Website: Home of a great podcast and blog featuring clear Christian thinking on contemporary issues, from the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
The Way of the Master The Way of the Master: Great (and funny!) radio show and articles. Focuses on how to present the gospel in a clear and concise manner.
Answers in Genesis Answers in Genesis: Great information, multimedia, apologetics, and answers defending the authority of the Bible on the creation of the universe and more.

Music That We Sing and Love:

Note: Some music from the following artists may also be conveniently found on iTunes or the mp3 store.

Sovereign Grace Music Sovereign Grace Music: For many years, Sovereign Grace Music has been producing songs rich in doctrine and theology. We love many of their songs and sing them frequently.
Getty Music Getty Music: Beautiful, Christ-saturated music by Keith and Kristyn Getty.
Reformed Praise Thousand Tongues (formerly Reformed Praise): Great hymns of the faith put to contemporary music by former Calvary member Dave Ward and others.
Indelible Grace Music Indelible Grace Music: More great hymns put to contemporary music! We love many of these songs.
Red Mountain Music Red Mountain Music: Yet more great hymns put to contemporary music, this time with a distinctive bluegrass twang!
The Cyber Hymnal The Net Hymnal (Cyber Hymnal): An awesome compilation of traditional hymns, including the fascinating histories behind the hymns and their authors. Includes MIDIs so you learn the tunes, too!

Online Bibles:

Bible Gateway Bible Gateway: A searchable, online version of the Bible in 50 languages. The NASB is also available here. (We’ve linked to it extensively on this site!)
ESV Bible The English Standard Version: A very accurate yet easy to read English translation of the Bible. Highly recommended.