Kingdom Worker Application

Kingdom Worker Application

  • General Information

  • Please list any relevant degrees or credentials here.
  • Please let us know here if there are any major present or past character issues in you (or your accompanying family members') life we should know about that may be considered disqualifying (e.g., adultery and/or divorce, felonies, bankruptcy or serious financial issues, ongoing or unresolved church discipline, etc.). If none, please write "None".
  • NameAge 
  • Please be as specific as you are comfortable with
  • If you track your ministry on any blogs, websites, or social media, please let us know the addresses here.
  • Doctrine

    While we recognize that sincere Christians can disagree on some points of doctrine, doctrinal alignment with kingdom workers we support is important to us. Please fill the following section out as completely (but as concisely) as possible.
  • Please describe your view of the nature of man (e.g., is man inherently good, bad, or neutral?).
  • Please describe who Jesus Christ is (e.g., man, deity, prophet, etc).
  • Please describe your view of how a person is saved. Please specifically address how salvation relates to works, faith, and Jesus Christ.
  • What is your view of heaven and hell? (e.g., literal, figurative, etc.)
  • What are your views on the Bible? (e.g., source, sufficiency, inerrancy, version, etc).
  • Please describe your views on The Doctrines of Grace (aka Calvinism).
  • Please describe your views on the purpose and occasion of baptism and how it relates to salvation.
  • Please describe your views of creation (literal, 6-day, long ages, evolution, etc).
  • Please describe your views on eschatology (premil, amil, post-mil, pre-trib, etc). Is still a future for Israel?
  • Please describe your view on gender (complementarianism, egalitarianism, etc.) and homosexuality/transgender. Do you believe in any restrictions of the role of men or women in the church?
  • Please describe your view on church leadership (elder rule, congregation-led, etc.)
  • Please describe your view of the charismatic spiritual gifts (continuationalism, cessationism, etc.).
  • Your Ministry

  • Please describe your work in the field: what do you do, and what are the goals? What is the main way you will accomplish them?
  • Please provide a phone/email to contact your sending organization.
  • As best you can, please concisely describe the philosophy of ministry of your sending organization. Why did you select your current sending organization over other possible organizations?
  • What kind of training and/or accountability is provided by the sending organization?
  • If applicable, please upload their statement of faith.
    Max. file size: 50 MB.
  • Financial Information

  • What is the total support per year (n USD) that you need to carry out your ministry? (total should include furlough, retirement planning, etc)
  • Out of the total above, how much (in USD per year) have you currently raised/committed from other sources?
  • About how many entities (churches/organizations) are in your current support base (Approximate is fine)?
  • What percentage of your support goes to the sending organization as overhead?
  • Are furlough costs built into your total support? If so, what is the frequency of budgeted furloughs? (e.g., every 2 years, etc). Please indicate the amount per year out of your total support going towards furlough funding, if any.
  • Are you currently in debt or bankruptcy? If so, please let us know the nature and rough amount of the debt (education, seminary, credit card, mortgage, etc), and your plan to retire the debt. If you are using raised funds for debt retirement, please also indicate the amount per year out of your total support that is going towards your debt retirement.
  • Are you on track for planning financially for retirement? If so, what percent of support is going towards retirement? Is saving for retirement a requirement of your sending organization? (Please note: we strongly encourage building in a realistic retirement plan in your support model, as Calvary generally does not continue to support workers that have left the field or retired).
  • If you receive funds in excess of the total support you need, what will the excess money be used for?
  • Is there any other financial information we should consider as we determine support amounts? (e.g., cost of living, cost of materials, etc.)
  • Please tell us the address to which funds should be sent along with any special instructions.
  • Commitments to Calvary

    We do ask for a few commitments from all our kingdom workers in order to foster a good relationship between you and our congregation.
  • Will you be able to send a short video update addressed specifically to our congregation (no more than 3 minutes long) at least three times a year (~ 1 every 4 months)? These will be played during our services when we pray for you. Nothing fancy is required...a few quick words from the family and a short update or prayer request recorded on a smartphone is fine. (We are always willing to train or assist if technology help is needed.)
  • Will you be able to send a detailed letter / newsletter describing how you are doing and what God has been doing in your ministry at least 2x a year (does not have to be addressed specifically to us)?
  • Will you commit to visiting us as often as your furlough schedules allow, but at least once every 4 years? (If you are a preacher/teacher, we would generally ask you to teach in Adult Sunday School and preach in the Main Service.)
  • Will you commit to letting us know promptly if your ministry circumstances or the doctrines you profess undergo significant change? (e.g., leaving the mission field, serious family changes, major doctrinal shifts, serious sin issues, leaving the sending organization, financial issues, new financial requirements)
  • References

    Please give us 2 references to speak to who are familiar with your character and ministry that we have permission to speak to about you.