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Sermons/Sunday Schools using 2 Peter 1:12-21:

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Remembering Who Is Coming, Part 2

Pastor Babij continues his preaching from 1 Peter 1, where Peter calls on Christians to remember Who is coming back. Pastor Babij explains the two informants that must be used for remembering: 1) The apostolic witness and experience 2) The prophetic word Pastor Babij emphasizes that, because the Scriptures are God’s own words and not…

Remembering Who Is Coming, Part 1

In this sermon, Pastor Babij teaches from 2 Peter on how believers can grow in the assurance of their salvation: by diligently performing good works, praying, and studying the Scripture. Pastor also reminds believers of Jesus’ imminent return and of how the knowledge of Jesus’ soon coming ought to inflame believers’ passion for their Lord.…