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The Dexters’ Visit Recap

Our missionaries to the Philippines, the Dexters, came to visit with us this past weekend while on their first furlough from the Philippines in 3 years. A number of families at the church were privileged to spend some sweet time with Chad, Kara Mia, Titus, and Kenan during the weekend!

What a joy it was to hear about their work in the ministry on the other side of the world! We are thankful to see them vibrantly and earnestly working toward the specific purpose of training up pastors to know and adequately exposit God’s Word.

While they were here, we wanted to mobilize the families in our church to care for the Dexters and to show them the love of Christ.

Here’s a play-by-play of how the weekend went.

Friday Night:

The Dexters drove in on a Friday night (from upstate NY).

They had insisted they did not need a hotel, but would have been perfectly content to stay in any place.  But thankfully, we were able to provide (thanks to the generosity of our church body) a very comfortable accommodation for them and their kids (a suite!).

The Dexters expressed that they were thrilled to stay in a hotel with enough room for their kids after being on the road so much.

Later that evening, Shae was able to greet them and drop off some warm soup and salad to give them a “snack” before bedtime, as well as bring them a few drinks and snacks from Costco for the weekend.

Saturday Afternoon:

Saturday morning, Chad and his family slept in. Chad reported that it was the first time he slept well in days! Well rested, they were able to share some coffee time with the Bibbos in the afternoon.

Saturday Evening:

In the evening, the Dexters were able to meet with Roy!  He has been a faithful and encouraging partner for them in the ministry right here from our congregation.

His love for them and prayers were felt and the Dexter’s expressed their thankfulness for his continued support.  In their time of need, their remembrance of his faithful prayer for them brought them strength.

Later that evening, Pastor Babij, Jayne, and Roy took the Dexters out to dinner at a Thai restaurant! They shared about the joys of ministry, as well as the trials and tribulations.

Sunday Morning:

Sunday morning, the Dexters presented their work in the Philippines during Sunday School.  We got to see their day-to-day ministry – and truly, there is something going on every day!

From Monday to Sunday, they have either a class or Bible study in which they engage with pastors that travel many miles to learn God’s Word.  Whether the Dexters have to travel far or have many people come to their home, they are seeking to strategically reach as many people as they can to properly equip them in the Truth.  By working alongside existing pastors, the Dexters are able to disciple and know that they are multiplying their labor exponentially since this will reach congregations in several cities in and around the Manila area.

Sunday Service was also an encouragement, as Chad brought the Word of God to us from 2 Corinthians 5:18-20. Chad reminded us that the work of giving the gospel is the calling of every believer, not just the “professionals.”

Sunday Afternoon:

On Sunday afternoon, the Dexters joined (and taught!) the home group at Church. It was a Q&A about ministry and missions that got everybody involved and excited.

Sunday Evening:

Sunday evening, the Dexters came to dinner at the Hos’ house for dinner with the Hos and the Bibbos! Shae and Yiyin prepared a very nice steak and asparagus dinner, which was a nice treat since steak is expensive and hard to get in the Philippines! And apple cobbler for dessert!

After dinner, Ermanno Bibbo (the barber), was able to give Chad and Titus a very needed haircut, which they had put off getting for a long time due to the business of ministry.

Kara Mia then sang and played some Filipino worship songs for us!

Monday Morning:

Monday morning, they were off to Texas!

Many thankful text messages were sent, as they expressed that they were blessed by the time spent with us.

What a blessing to have had an opportunity to spend time with the Dexters!  And thank you to everyone at Calvary who generously gave of their time and money.

The Dexters will continue to be in our prayers!