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Giving Options at Calvary

Recently, we added the option of giving online through our website! It can be accessed through the main page of our website (on the top bar).

In our electronic age, fewer and fewer people are actually using paper checks, and so we thought it was time to provide this service. Many of our congregants also appreciate the ability to give in a recurring (weekly or monthly) fashion in an automated way.

However, online giving does come with a small fee, of course, so it may not be the right choice for every individual. So we thought it would be useful to some of you to recap some of the ways it is possible to give to the church and their benefits. Here are 3 ways:

  1. Option 1: Putting cash/ paper checks in the offering plate every week/month.

    Description: This how people have been doing in for decades, and it still works! ‘Nuff said.

    Benefits: Simple, Low-tech, but you have to remember to bring your checks and giving envelopes.

    Transaction Costs: $0

  2. Option 2: Billpay through your bank

    Description: Most banks allow you to “pay bills” online, many without charge. You can also schedule recurring payments, e.g to pay your pledge weekly or monthly. To setup this capability, contact your bank or check their website. The bank will mail a check on your behalf to the church for the amount and frequency you desire. You can designate the desired giving category in the check memo. A number of people in our church already use this option as their preferred option, because its free and easy once you set it up. To set this up, you will need the Church’s mailing address, which is:

    Calvary Community Church
    PO Box 2117
    East Millstone, NJ

    Benefits: Can be completely automatic and recurring in both monthly and weekly frequencies, you can give to any category (general, missions, etc.)

    Transaction Costs: Usually $0 (included as a benefit from your bank, sometimes has to meet certain account qualifications)

  3. Option 3: Online Giving through ACH, debit, and credit cards through (NEW for 2017!)

    Description: We just started offering this option earlier this year! You can set this up online (link at the top of our main website) to give both recurring and/or one-time through bank transfer/Debit/Credit.

    Benefits: Fast, convenient, easy to use and set up. One time gifts can be easily given through your mobile phone, and recurring gifts are also easy to set up online. Cancel or modify anytime. You can give to any accounts (missions, general, etc.) and it gives you automated, emailed receipts. (For example, I set up for myself one weekly recurrance for my general offerings and one monthly recurrance for my faith promise giving supporting our kingdom workers around the world). Pretty much takes any payment option you can imagine. Works great especially for those for whom Billpay is not an option.

    Transaction Fees: Here’s the rub: unlike Billpay, there are transaction fees. Note that there is an checkbox to enable the option to cover the transaction fees yourself, which we would encourage you to consider. Here are the fees:

    ACH/Bank Transfer: 1% of gift+ 30 cents per transaction
    Credit or Debit card (NOT Amex): 2.9% of gift+ 30 cents per transaction
    AMEX: 3.5% gift + 30 cents per transaction

Regardless of how you choose to give, thanks to all who give to support the Lord’s ministry at Calvary, and more importantly, your partnership in helping us use the funds faithfully to advance the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in the church and the community!