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Our New Hymnals: Hymns of Grace

We recently introduced our new hymnals to the congregation and thought it would be a good idea to share some information here in case you missed it!

Why A New Hymnal?

Have you seen the state of our old ones? Our previous hymnals have been well-used, and in many cases, beyond repair. It was time they were replaced. Our elders chose the Hymns of Grace hymnal because it offers some of the greatest known hymns as well as newer hymns – all rich in biblical truth.

Why A Hymnal At All?

Although we are thankful for all that technology has afforded us, using a hymnal allows us to read all the words at once instead of one line at a time on a screen. Also, for those who are musically inclined, having the notes right there on the page allows for beautiful harmonies to fill the congregation as we sing together.

Also, hymns are loved by many and they give us a shared memory for good and lyrically-rich songs. We believe there is great value here that shouldn’t be lost or forgotten.

“I Want A New Hymnal!”

Copies of the new hymnal are available in our book nook for $20. We are selling them for the same price you would get directly from their website – except you won’t have to pay for shipping! They are a great resource for singing songs together with your family or in your own devotional time.

Also, we are giving away copies of the previous hymnal. If you would like one, please let Greg or Yiyin Ho know.