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Israel Study Trip Day 0

As some of you know, I will be going on a trip next week. Before I graduated from The Master’s Seminary, I had signed up to go on the school’s annual study trip to Israel, but the onset of Covid and travel restrictions meant that the trip had to be postponed. However, because the Covid situation has improved so much in the last year, the trip is finally proceeding, which means that, from May 9 to May 30, my wife and I will be in Israel.

Our group of thirty-five students, professors, friends of the seminary, and spouses will travel to all the important biblical sites in Israel; we will spend about five days in Jerusalem, then a week in southern Israel (Judea/Negev/Dead Sea regions), and then a week in northern Israel (Samaria/Galilee/Jordan Valley regions). Though there will be time to enjoy some good food and leisure activities while in Israel, this trip is a study trip, which means the emphasis will be on learning. And there will be homework. But the homework is actually a good thing; our trip leader has told us repeatedly that the homework and quizzes will enable us to get the most out of our trip and help us better remember what we learn.

One of my main homework assignments will be to keep a journal, recording what I see, think, and learn each day. Therefore, rather than publish midweek meditations as I normally do the next few weeks, I plan instead to upload my journal entries (with pictures) so that you can, in a way, travel with me on this study trip. I anticipate the uploads occurring at the end of each day in Israel, but, depending on the rigor of the trip, my publishing timing may vary.

As preparation for the coming mini-travelogue, I recommend you watch this Sunday school video I recorded as an introduction to biblical geography. The background information will no doubt provide a good framework for the more specific information I later report from the field.

I am excited to share this trip with you all, and, of course, I appreciate your prayers. Lord willing, my next post to you will be from Jerusalem.

(“See you later!” in Hebrew)