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Mall Evangelism

There is an upcoming opportunity to join us for mall evangelism. For those who may have never experienced it, Julie was gracious enough to write about her experience at the mall last spring. Thank you, Julie, for sharing about this ministry opportunity!

On Friday, April 13 and Saturday, April 14, 2018, members of Calvary Community Church went out into the community for the purpose of sharing the gospel. For years our church has been part of Mall Evangelism, faithfully led by a long-time member. Throughout this ministry, members of Calvary are able to put into practice what they hear each Sunday by boldly proclaiming the good news to the lost.

We typically go to the Bridgewater Commons Mall, where we have a long-standing understanding that allows us to have a table set up by the food court. There, purveyors of the Truth hand out tracts, inform passersby about Calvary Church, and most importantly share the gospel.

This year, our Young Adult Ministry (YAM) was able to apply what they learned during the most recent series through evangelism. After studying how to go through the four components of the gospel (God, Man, Christ, and Response), YAMmers were given a hands-on opportunity to share this simple, yet amazing news with any who would hear.

In addition to being a stepping-stone for sharing the Word of God with people, Mall Evangelism also gives Calvary members the occasion to fellowship and talk with those they might not regularly see on Sundays. While taking breaks or waiting for another person to walk by the table, churchgoers could be seen having conversations with the pastor, various elders, and other church leaders. It was also great to have the younger crowd represented with some YAMmers and families present.

By far one of the greatest benefits of giving up a Friday evening or Saturday afternoon to hang out at the mall is the abundance of joy that is received after being in prayer and fellowship and simply doing the Work of the Kingdom! God is so faithful every time we open our mouths to speak about Him, and He not only blesses those who might believe on His Name, but He also blesses us with a peace and joy that comes from delighting in and glorifying Him.

Calvary intends to continue with this powerful ministry for months and years to come, and encourage all members from young and old to participate.

 If you are interested in going to the mall this month, please email the church administrator at calvaryem.adm@gmail for more information. You have to be scheduled for a time slot because the number of people at our table is limited.