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Plugged-In: Calvary Sermon and Sunday School Resources

This past Sunday, we began two new message series at church: Pastor Babij began preaching through the book of Colossians, and I began teaching the first module of a foundation-level church history course in our adult Sunday school class. It occurred to me that this time of new beginnings is also an appropriate moment to remember the past, even the past series we have studied together in church. After all, many of you weren’t part of our church when we preached/taught previously—or maybe you were a part and you simply forgot what you learned. Either way, you can still take advantage of our past messages for your spiritual benefit since those messages were recorded and are available to you online.

There are several ways you can access past sermons and Sunday school lessons from Calvary. You can first simply go through our website; visit our homepage (, then click on “Media” in the top banner (or in the top right drop down menu on mobile), and then click on “Sermons and Sunday Schools.” Or just copy and paste this address: You’ll then arrive at a page with our most recent messages with several options to search through older messages using filters on the right side of the page (or at the bottom of the page on mobile). For example, you can search by speaker, series, topic, or book of the Bible. We have video recordings as far back as April 2015, and audio recordings as far back as August 1992!

Another repository of our video messages is on YouTube. You can find our channel at, where we also have put together playlists of our more recent sermon and Sunday school series (

You can also find and subscribe to our audio recordings via podcast, on iTunes ( and on Google Podcasts (

Allow me to sample for you several of the different series that we have recorded:

    • 1 Peter, sermon series: A relatively recent series, Pastor Babij took us verse by verse through this letter from the apostle Peter about holy living amid suffering in a one-year study. This was the study that then continued into 2 Peter and Jude, the three letters forming a thematic background, of sorts, to Pastor Babij’s new series in Colossians.
    • Answers Bible Curriculum, Sunday school series: From Answers in Genesis, this was a four-year study through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, with an apologetic emphasis. We started using video after about the first year, and I continued teaching the class live from Los Angeles while going through seminary. We continued in a second round of this curriculum (the second edition) until Covid issues in 2020 caused us to suspend Sunday school.
    • Ephesians, sermon series: Pastor Babij taught verse by verse through the book of Ephesians from 2012 to 2014. The audio recordings would no doubt serve as an excellent resource as the ladies study through Ephesians this year in Side by Side, our women’s ministry.
    • Biblical Archaeology 101, Sunday school series: This was an eight-week summer Sunday school series on the most important archaeological discoveries related to the Bible. There was so much to talk about in this course that we ended up only covering OT archaeology, but I’m sure you will still find the video recordings very encouraging.
    • The Gospel of Mark, sermon series: Pastor Babij took us verse by verse through the Gospel of Mark from 2014-2017. While getting more reacquainted with our savior is always beneficial, the Mark messages would form an excellent comparative backdrop as we soon begin our study of the Gospel of John.
    • Biblical Counseling 101, Sunday school series: A more recent series, this ten-week class has as an additional title, “Why Do I Do What I Do, and How Can I Change?” As our culture increasingly turns to therapists and drugs to deal with soul-problems, we Christians need to realize the supremacy and sufficiency we have in Christ and his word for all of life and godliness. These recordings will go very well with our new study in Colossians.
    • Ecclesiastes, sermon series: We did a one-year, verse by verse study through this provocative work of wisdom during the height of the pandemic and during that time’s attendant social/political controversies. Though the book was certainly relevant then, I find it keeps proving itself relevant in showing us how to enjoy and make the most out of lives before God while living in a fundamentally vaporous world.

There is, of course, much more in our sermon and Sunday school repository, but I hope this brief overview and sampling not only informs you as to what is available but also gives you several great places to start in making use of these resources.

May the Lord bless your listening (again) to the teaching of his word!