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YAM: 2017 kick off

The Young Adult Fellowship (YAM) will be starting up again on Friday 1/8 for the new year.  The topic that we will be continue to focus on is evangelism.

Here is something to think about before the first meeting:

Are we Man-Centered in our Evangelism?

It seems that a man-centered mindset can plague both the gospel message and the messenger. We have all heard the phrase “watered-down” gospel.  So we are relatively familiar with how the message of the gospel can be man-centered verses God-centered.  Yet, have we considered that even the messenger can be man-centered?  Even a good old reformed believer, can be man-centered in evangelism?!?

If lofty reasons like a love for God and obedience to Christ do not motivate you to share the gospel, then perhaps a love for self, this very man-centered view, is the sinful idol that is dictating your evangelistic endeavors, or lack thereof.  It is man-centered thinking when we only recognize our own desires and thus command our own lives. Then we fail to recognize and apply Christ’s command of evangelism to ourselves.  

Why is this so hard to detect?  Well, the very heart of this issue begins with absence.  Perhaps the evangelist, which should be every believer at some level, does not even consider that he is called to this command. It is almost absent from his mind.  He does not appropriate the command to his own life.  However, Christ makes His purpose clear when He declares it in the Great Commission.  We, yes you and I, are to reach the lost with the gospel.  

We must realize that lack of evangelism is a lack of appropriating God’s command in our lives to evangelize others, thus becoming man-centered in our thinking of evangelism.  The command is for you!  Go and preach the gospel!  

Fridays at 8:00PM

Bibbo Family’s home