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The Foundry Conference 2017

The  Young Adult ministry (YAM) went to Immanuel Baptist Church in Springfield, VA for the annual Foundry Conference. From June 9-11, they were able to experience sermons centered on the truths which sparked the Reformation (Additionally, in observance of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, our Sunday School and sermons are currently covering topics regarding the Reformation).

Martin Luther

The speakers were: Jordan Standridge, Jesse Johnson, Mike Riccardi, and Eric Davis.

Rob, one of our young adults, shares about his experience at the conference:

This year at the Foundry conference I wasn’t expecting to be blessed as much as I was. Everything was great, the preaching, the fellowship, hanging out at the hotel, walking around DC. YAM in DC

But one thing in particular was especially great. Both sermons by Eric Davis had a powerful impact on me personally. The theme of the conference this year was The Reformation. Therefore, Eric talked a bit about the doctrine purgatory and Martin Luther’s conversion. Hearing the details of the doctrine of purgatory was so fearful, sad, hopeless.

Hearing how Luther tried to please God Almighty with his filthy works makes you feel so utterly hopeless, depressed. Is there any hope at all?! Then, in both of his sermons, Eric tactfully transitioned from man’s hopeless attempts to obtain justification by good works, to the mighty power of God in justifying sinners by faith alone in Christ alone!!!

I believe that the reason why the sermons were so powerful was because the Gospel was preached right after preaching the hopeless attempts of man. As a result, the Gospel was like a bright star in a dark night sky. Such powerful preaching! Will never forget that experience.

YAM Foundry Group

We had a wonderful time of fellowship, powerful preaching, God-centered music, and practical application. We look forward to attending next year!

The conference will be known as The Cripplegate Conference going forward.