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New Church Admins

After 13 years of faithful service, Denise Defalco will be stepping down from the Administrative Assistant position for Calvary, due to changing life circumstances (although she will still be around in the church!)

Denise began serving as the administrative assistant for Calvary (a part-time, paid position) in February of 2004. Upon taking the job from her predecessor, she successfully made the job much more efficient by fitting all the work that was previously done for 30 hours/week into just15 hours/week, while not sacrificing any quality!

Denise has been an exceedingly faithful and cheerful worker for Calvary. I can testify after working with her for many years that she is very pleasant to work with, a hard worker, and as reliable as they get!

Among her many, many responsibilities (we counted…there are like 72 of them!), Denise creates the bulletins every week, updates the calendars, creates the membership packets, creates Sunday School material, sends out bouquets for weddings and funerals, answers emails for the church, takes care of billing and reimbursements, and processes the blue guest cards.

Throughout her work, she has demonstrated faithfulness, thoroughness, care, and love. She has always been willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

Please join me in thanking Denise for all her years of service! Her experience, dedication, and passion for the job will be sorely missed.

The New Church Administrative Assistants

And now … the new administrative assistants!! Da da da!

For now, we’ve decided to split up Denise‘s job into two new jobs. So there will be two new administrative assistants to fill the large void left by Denise.

The two new administrative assistants will be … Sherrian Crumbley and Shae Bibbo!

Both Sherrian and Shae have been faithful servants to the church for many years, and we know they will do great in this new role.

Sherrian brings impressive technology skills, and has already been working as a virtual administrative assistant in her secular job for some time now. She will be using her skills to look at modernizing and optimizing the church admin role with electronic record keeping, etc.

On the other hand, Shae brings a bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministries, and has already been serving as a volunteer capacity in managing various projects in the church, including communications with outside vendors. She has done a great job, and we look forward to expanding her role.

For more about Sherrian and Shae (and the rest of the leadership/staff at Calvary), please see our website page here.

Would you please join me in welcoming both Shae and Sherrian to the staff at Calvary? We’re super excited about them and I know they will both do great for us!