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Recap: 2016

In looking back at 2016, here are the major changes that occurred at CBC:

  • New Technology

The sanctuary and the fellowship hall was updated with new TV screens.  The screens in the sanctuary are used to display presentations, powerpoint slides, and song lyrics during Sunday school as well as worship service. The screen in the fellowship is used to stream the feed from the sanctuary during Sunday school and worship service.   Also, we installed a video camera in the back of the sanctuary so that we can livestream the Sunday school and worship service over the internet through our website.

  • Pastor’s Book

We printed the book, “Examining End Times Teaching”, a collection of sermon transcripts based on the sermon series preached by Pastor Babij, in honor of the Pastor’s 30th anniversary as the pastor of CBC. This is a topic that is close to the Pastor’s heart and we are very thankful to be able to honor his faithfulness service and love for the church in this way. You can find the book for sale in our church Book Nook, or at Amazon here. If you have a minute, stop by and leave a review!

  • Translation Booth

The coat area by the front entrance of the sanctuary was transformed into a translation booth and a closet storage area. Now, the translator doesn’t have to go all the way down to the basement in order to translate the sermon into Spanish for those in our congregation who don’t speak English well enough to understand the sermons fully. The organized storage area was also much needed, particularly for the resources and books that we hand out to visitors and guests. We are very thankful for the deacons for organizing and implementing this project!

  • Goodbyes

At the end of 2016, the church sent Dave and Ema off to Southern California for Dave to attend the Master’s Seminary. We will surely miss their presence and their ministry to the body, but we are hopeful that the Lord will take great care of them and lead them in the new year and help them get settled in a new setting. Dave will continue to teach AIG Sunday school in 2017 via remote video feed.