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Christmas Choir 2016

The Calvary Christmas Choir worked for more than two months preparing two songs for the Christmas service this year! We had a lot of fun learning the songs and singing them for you.

Our first song was “All Praise To Thee” by Martin Luther. We chose it because 2017 is the 500th year anniversary of the Reformation, we figured we start the celebration early. Check it out!

We then performed an acapella version of “Joy Has Dawned” by Keith and Kristyn Getty:

Thanks to all those who participated:


  • Gabriella Segovia
  • Shae Bibbo
  • Natalie Gussis
  • Elizabeth Babij
  • Mary Agtarap


  • Sherrian Crumbley
  • Veronica D’Antico
  • Jayne Babij
  • Naomi Van Treuren
  • Erin Soto


  • Khaleef Crumbley
  • Greg Ho
  • Caleb Dagnall


  • Chris Frueh
  • Dave Stankus
  • Erik Van Treuren
  • Adam Kohne


  • Adam Kohne (Piano)
  • Rob Battika (Snare)
  • Joe Riccardi (Triangle)


  • Greg Ho

We’ll start working on Resurrection Day 2017 songs soon!