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Nursery Changes

As shared in our first Plugged-In presentation, the nursery will  be undergoing some exciting changes!

The baby and toddler nurseries will be combining into one room:

  • Partition
    • safe – designed for children
    • Modular – can be moved as needs change
    • Provides ample storage on both sides
    • Will prevent toddler escape attempts
  • Nursery Workers can see over partition to help where needed on either side
  • Toys and activities for children will continue to be updated often
    • New coloring/activity table and chairs on toddler side
  • Current Baby Nursery will continue to be private space for nursing or napping babies with their mothers

This setup will allow us to have one less worker in the nursery each Sunday during worship service, reducing the workers needed from four to three.

Here are some pictures of the new combined nursery:

infant nursery
The infant side of the nursery
toddler section from the infant side
Looking into the toddler section from the infant side
View from the door to the room
View from the door to the room

Thanks, Kristen (and Adam for helping her) for planning, ordering, assembling, and organizing the new nursery room!