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Recap: Plugged In Nursery

This is a summary of the Plugged In presentation on the Nursery ministry that Kristen recently presented to the congregation.

Childcare provided by CBC members for families with young children for:

    • Sunday School: Babies only; toddlers have Sunday School
    • Family Worship: Babies and toddlers to 4 years old

Nursery Coordinators: Kristen and Christina

Blessings to the church body:

  • Parents
    • Ability to participate in Family Worship
    • Break from parenting for short time
    • Safe environment with like-minded women watching children
  • Servants
    • Opportunity to serve brethren
    • Time to connect with babies and toddlers of our brothers and sisters in Christ
  • Children
    • Receive love and care from many different women in our congregation

Rules Overview:

  • Parent must do drop off and pick up
    • Must complete sign in/out sheet, filling in time child arrives and time child is picked up
    • No siblings or relatives dropping off and picking up
  • No food or drinks other than water!
    • Exception: baby formula or nursing
    • If meals, snacks, juice, milk, etc are necessary, parent can feed child in Fellowship Hall
  • Change child’s diaper prior to drop off
  • Evaluate when your child can begin to be trained to sit in the sanctuary
    • Usually after 3rd birthday

Reminders to the Congregation:

  • Keep older children away from nurseries before and after service – often too crowded/hectic in nurseries and hallways
  • If using nursery room outside of service
    • no food or beverages
    • toys must be returned to proper places
  • Do not move any furniture or large toys
  • If there are any issues/concerns, contact Christina or Kristen
  • PRAY for us!

Changes coming:

  • Reason
    • Continual challenges staffing nurseries
    • Women serving in many ministries and/or need break
  • Details
    • Nursery rooms will be combined into the larger (current toddler) room
    • Classroom table/chairs and storage cabinets will move, creating more space
    • Partition will separate babies from toddlers
    • 3 women needed to serve rather than 4 during Family Worship