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Lesson 6: The Age of the Earth

In this lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia examines what the Bible has to say about the age of the earth. With the help of a couple videos from Answers in Genesis, Pastor Dave first overviews why Christians should not accept the popular old earth timeline from today’s scientists, then examines what earth-age information is given to…

creation foundation

Lesson 4: Adam and Eve

In this lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia examines the account of the creation of Adam and Eve from Genesis 2:4-25. After making observations on the passage, Pastor Dave considers whether the passage could fit with popular evolutionary theory; whether Genesis 2 truly contradicts Genesis 1; and what the passage teaches us about God, sex, gender, and…

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Lesson 3: Animals and Man

In this lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia examines the account of creation days five and six and the creation of animals and mankind. After making basic observations of Genesis 1:20-31, Pastor Dave considers questions of interpretation and application, including what it means to be made in the image of God and what the significance is of…

creation foundation

Lesson 2: Days and Kinds

In this lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia considers what the word “day” means in reference to the days of creation in Genesis 1. Pastor Dave then defends the 24-hour day view against several popular objections. Finally, Pastor Dave examines Genesis 1:1-19 to find out what exactly took place on the first four days of creation.

Joseph Forgives His Brothers

Answers Bible Curriculum 2nd Edition Unit 5 Lesson 48 This week, we look at the culmination of the Genesis account of Joseph’s life: the salvation of Joseph’s family and Joseph’s reconciliation with his brothers. Why does Joseph not reveal himself to his brothers right away? How is it that Joseph was able to forgive such…

Joseph Rises to Power

Answers Bible Curriculum 2nd Edition Unit 5 Lesson 47 This week in Sunday school, we’re looking at Joseph’s dramatic rise from slave and prisoner to second-in-command of Egypt. What brought about this incredible reversal of life situation? What important work did Joseph accomplish in his new position that would affect his family in Canaan (and…

Joseph Becomes a Slave

Answers Bible Curriculum Second Edition Unit 5 Lesson 45 This week in Sunday school, we begin to talk about the lives of Jacob’s sons, especially Joseph. Why did God give Joseph dreams that only made Joseph’s brothers angry? What caused Joseph’s brothers to sell Joseph into slavery instead of killing him? And what amazing comfort…