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Women of the Spirit

In this Mother’s Day sermon, Pastor Babij teaches how the Christian woman or mother displays three evidences of the Spirit in her life: Her life exudes joyfulness She lives out a thankful heart in all situations She focuses on others’ needs before her own Pastor Babij exhorts all believers to live and exhibit these attributes…

The Wrong Way to Worship

In today’s sermon, Greg Ho teaches believers from Malachi 1 to watch for the two signs of offering unworthy worship to God: Bringing a worthless sacrifice Bringing a weary attitude Greg also teaches believers to remember that God is a great King; believers should therefore bring God their best as they offer their whole lives…

A Memorable Act of Extraordinary Love

In today’s sermon Pastor Babij teaches on the extraordinary act of love performed by Mary, the sister of Lazarus and Martha, when she anointed Jesus with the fragrant nard in preparation for Jesus’ burial. Pastor Babij contrasts Mary’s public and extravagant display of love and devotion for Jesus against that of the Jewish leaders and…

Praises to God

In this lesson, David Capoccia introduces the Book of Psalms and surveys its background information, interpretive considerations, and types. David Capoccia breaks the Psalms down into six types. Thanksgiving (e.g Ps. 150) Wisdom (e.g. Ps. 1) Royal (e.g. Ps. 110) Lamentation (e.g. Ps. 43) Penitential (e.g. Ps. 38) Imprecatory (e.g. Ps. 58)