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The Battle of Jericho

Answers Bible Curriculum Year 2, Quarter 1, Lesson 3 In this lesson, David Capoccia examines the account of Israel defeating Jericho, explaining why the city was so imposing, why God sent His Captain to meet with Joshua, and what this account teaches Christians about faith and obedience.

God Uses Rahab

In this lesson of the Answers Bible Curriculum, David Capoccia looks at how God used the Canaanite harlot Rahab to provide protection for Israelite spies and encouragement to all Israel. David Capoccia also investigates whether lying is ever permitted by God and what believers should make of Rahab’s commended faith.

God Calls Joshua

In this lesson, David Capoccia looks at God’s instruction to Joshua as Joshua is about to lead Israel into Canaan. God exhorts Joshua to continually study God’s Word, to believe it, to obey it, and to, thereby, receive God’s reward and provision. David Capoccia explains how this process was exemplified in both Joshua’s and Jesus’…