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The War Within: The True Source of Your Quarrels

In this sermon, David Capoccia examines the apostle’s teaching in James 4:1-10 as to where conflicts and quarrels come from and what believers must do about them. David Capoccia explains the passage with the following outline: Three Steps to Reveal and Heal Our Quarrels and Conflicts 1. Understand the True Source: Idolatry 2. Understand the…

The Destiny of the Christian: The Holiness of Salvation, Part 4

In this sermon, Pastor Babij continues his lessons from 1 Peter and expounds Peter’s fourth introductory exhortation: to love one another. Pastor Babij shows from various scriptures three biblical aspects of the love Christians are to have for one another: love’s origin, love’s terms, and love’s qualities. Full Transcript: We have been looking at the…

Be An Encourager

Is your life an encouragement to God’s people or a discouragement? In this special New Year’s Eve sermon, Pastor Babij goes to the book of Numbers to examine the sin of discouraging others. Pastor Babij discusses three main ways Christians can become discouragers and then looks at four qualities of the truly encouraging person.

The Ten Particulars Of Good Works

In this sermon, Pastor Babij examines what the Bible says about good works. Pastor Babij explains what good works are, how both a Christian’s faith and also his good works are predestined by God, and how Christians are saved in part to do good to others as a witness of God. Pastor then explores ten…

Evidence through Examination: Is Your Calling and Election Sure?

In today’s sermon, Khaleef Crumbley exhorts all who call themselves Christians to make their callings and elections sure. Khaleef explains from the Bible how certain actions demonstrate a person to be in the faith, such as: Love for God and His people Obedience to God’s revealed Word True repentance Spiritual fruit Khaleef urges all Christians…

Two Important Precepts: Controversy with a Representation Scribe

Pastor Babij examines Jesus’ answer to the question posed by the scribe, “What commandment is the foremost of all?” Jesus answered by connecting the Shema (Deuteronomy 6:4-5) and Leviticus 19:18: “Love God with everything you are” and “love your neighbor as yourself”. Pastor Babij explains how these two principles hedge against two dangers: mysticism and…

Blind Sight

In this sermon, Pastor Babij examines Mark’s account of Jesus’ healing of the blind beggar Bartimaeus. Pastor Babij explains how this account reveals Jesus’ servant heart and Messiahship and gives a model for how disciples of Jesus should act, both in reaction to Jesus and in reaction to the lowly and hurting of our world.

The Essence of True Discipleship: Service

In this sermon, Pastor Babij examines Jesus’ teaching regarding how to become great in His kingdom. Pastor Babij explains that humble service and suffering are the real way to greatness. Following Jesus’ teaching in Mark 10, Pastor Babij specifically identifies four truths about greatness that followers of Christ must consider: The connection between true greatness and the true…

Retirement and Insurance

In this lesson, Khaleef Crumbley discusses retirement, inheritance, and insurance in light of the Bible. Specifically, Khaleef Crumbley examines different ways to save for retirement, concepts of stewardship as a more important legacy than money, and various types of insurance.

The Truths of Serious Discipleship (Part 2)

In this sermon, Pastor Babij examines Jesus’ call to strive against sin, particularly separating one’s life from temptations to sin and being careful not to cause others to sin. Finally, Pastor Babij looks at the crucial role of purity in the believer’s life in the church and in the world.