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gospel of John

Introduction to the Gospel of John

In this first sermon in a new series going through the Gospel of John, Pastor Dave Capoccia gives an introduction to the Gospel. Pastor Dave explains five main areas of background information that will help you better understand and appreciate the Gospel of John: author, date, origin, purpose, and structure.


The Epistle of Colossians: An Introduction

In this introductory sermon for a new series studying the book of Colossians, Pastor Joe Babij explains the background of the book and the apostle Paul’s original purpose in writing. Pastor Babij breaks down Paul’s original purpose into a three-fold intention: 1. Establish a rapport with the Colossian believers and express to them a pastoral…

Book of Jude

Contending for the Faith

In this introductory sermon to a verse-by-verse exposition of Jude, Pastor Joe Babij introduces the author and occasion of the letter and also examines the profound salvation truths presented in the letter’s greeting. 1. Salvation and Its Order (v. 1) 2. Salvation and Its Security (v. 1) 3. Salvation and Its Abundant Blessing (v. 2)

Introduction to Ecclesiastes: How to Live Life Well in a Vaporous World

In this sermon, Pastor Dave Capoccia introduces the book of Ecclesiastes and explains its main message: life is a vapor, but embrace it is a gift and not as gain. Full Transcript: Something I’ve been wanting to do since graduating from seminary is to go through a book of the Bible with you verse by…

Introductory Matters for Second Peter

In this sermon, Pastor Babij overviews the letter of 2 Peter. Pastor Babij explains the controversy over the letter’s authorship and also introduces the letter’s main purposes: 1)    Reminding Christians of vital teaching concerning the person and work of Jesus Christ 2)    Combating the rise of false teaching in the church at large 3)    Giving details concerning…

Introductory Matters for First Peter

Pastor Babij introduces the first book of Peter and demonstrates the practical subject of Peter’s letter: how Christians are to live in this world while preparing for the next. Christians are to live in the world as citizens of heaven, which means that Christians must prepare to experience temporary suffering and persecution as they live…

The Life of Christ

Answers Bible Curriculum Year 3 Quarter 1 Lesson 5 This week in Sunday school, we focus on the chronology of the life of Christ. What happened when? We’ll tentatively date the major events of Jesus’ life and outline a broad sequence so that we can have a framework for understanding our more specific studies in…

Jesus in the Gospels

Answers Bible Curriculum Year 3 Quarter 1 Lesson 4 We’ve seen why the Gospels were written generally, but, this week, we look more closely at the message of each Gospel. What specifically does each Gospel emphasize to us about Jesus? How was that message relevant to the original audience? And how should we respond to…