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Stand Firm in the Lord

In this sermon, Khaleef Crumbley teaches from Philippians 4:1-9 how a Christian stands firm in the Lord. Khaleef Crumbley explains six principles from the text: 1) Live in harmony with other believers in the Lord 2) Always be joyful 3) Cultivate a gentle spirit 4) Do not be anxious for anything 5) Pray transparently to…

God Provides in the Wilderness

Answers Bible Curriculum 2nd Edition Unit 6 Lesson 56 This week in Sunday school, we look at how Israel was tested by God as the people journeyed from the Reed Sea to Mt. Sinai. God tested the people with lack of food and water in the wilderness. How did the people respond? How did their…

Be An Encourager

Is your life an encouragement to God’s people or a discouragement? In this special New Year’s Eve sermon, Pastor Babij goes to the book of Numbers to examine the sin of discouraging others. Pastor Babij discusses three main ways Christians can become discouragers and then looks at four qualities of the truly encouraging person.

The Church, the Place of Blessing

How much do you treasure your church gatherings? In this sermon, David Capoccia looks at Psalm 133 and King David’s joy over the united worship of Israel. David Capoccia explains that the same blessing King David declared that Israel received in its united worship is available to believers today in the church if believers would…

Women of the Spirit

In this Mother’s Day sermon, Pastor Babij teaches how the Christian woman or mother displays three evidences of the Spirit in her life: Her life exudes joyfulness She lives out a thankful heart in all situations She focuses on others’ needs before her own Pastor Babij exhorts all believers to live and exhibit these attributes…

Evaluating Financial Decisions

In this final lesson, Khaleef Crumbley examines multiple topics related to personal finances and biblical stewardship. Khaleef Crumbley discusses gambling, the difference between contentment and fear/laziness, and various financial concepts Christians should know. These concepts include: Time Value of Money Compounding Interest Expected Return Unintended/Indirect Costs Valuing Your Time Opportunity Cost Sunk Cost

Credit and Debt

In this lesson, Khaleef Crumbley continues his discussion about budgeting by walking through a sample budget and how a fictional family could work to improve it. Khaleef Crumbley then discusses the concepts of credit and debt. Specifically, Khaleef Crumbley explains: The Purpose of Debt The Requirement of Debt The Bondage of Debt Khaleef Crumbley also discusses credit scores…