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Job’s Suffering

Answers Bible Curriculum Second Edition Unit 4 Lesson 32 This week in Sunday school, we briefly leave Genesis to consider the life of Job. Why did God bring such suffering on righteous Job? What is the main lesson of the book? And how should we respond to those who suggest that trials and even illnesses…

Dinosaurs and Dragons

Answers Bible Curriculum Second Edition Unit 2 Lesson 16 In this lesson, we consider the issue of dinosaurs and dragons in creation. Does the Bible talk at all about dinosaurs? If so, what does the Bible tell us about them? And what of the universally accepted notion (among evolutionary scientists) that dinosaurs lived and died…

Answers Bible Curriculum

Job’s Suffering

In this lesson, we seek to get a handle of the book of Job: what are we supposed to learn from Job and his suffering? How was he able to do endure so much yet cling to God? The answers have much to do with God’s worth, God’s sovereignty, and man’s limited ability to comprehend the good purposes…