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Attributes of God

Answers Bible Curriculum 2nd Edition Unit 1 Lesson 2 In this lesson, we discuss why the Bible is the only truly reliable way to learn about who God is. Using the Bible, we then briefly examine two passages that describe God’s fundamental attributes.

God’s Word Is Our Foundation

Answers Bible Curriculum 2nd Edition Unit 1 Lesson 1 In this lesson, we start a new cycle of study into the Bible using the Answers Bible Curriculum from Answers in Genesis. We begin by discussing what students can look forward to in the new version of the curriculum. We then consider from the Psalms why…

The Church, the Place of Blessing

How much do you treasure your church gatherings? In this sermon, David Capoccia looks at Psalm 133 and King David’s joy over the united worship of Israel. David Capoccia explains that the same blessing King David declared that Israel received in its united worship is available to believers today in the church if believers would…

The Scriptures: A Rich and Precious Jewel

In this sermon, Pastor Babij teaches from Psalm 119:97-104 the four results that come from seeking God’s wisdom. Pastor Babij explains that there are two foundations for these four results: We must love and desire the Word of God to learn obedience We must meditate upon God’s Word to achieve a transformed character Pastor Babij…

Kiss the Son Lest He Be Angry

In this sermon, David Capoccia examines the Psalmist’s teaching on God’s holy derision of the futile rebellion of the world against Yahweh and His Messiah, who is God’s Son. The Psalmist teaches that all must give fealty and joyful worship to the Son in holy fear, since the Son will reign victoriously on the earth.…

Dads: Teach Your Children to Fear the Lord!

In this special Father’s Day sermon, Pastor Babij examines the exhortations given by the Psalmist to children in Psalm 34. Pastor Babij identifies and explains Four Things to Teach Children to Help Them Fear the Lord: 1. Teach the kind of living that gets God’s attention 2. Teach what makes God frown 3. Teach the kind…

Praises to God

In this lesson, David Capoccia introduces the Book of Psalms and surveys its background information, interpretive considerations, and types. David Capoccia breaks the Psalms down into six types. Thanksgiving (e.g Ps. 150) Wisdom (e.g. Ps. 1) Royal (e.g. Ps. 110) Lamentation (e.g. Ps. 43) Penitential (e.g. Ps. 38) Imprecatory (e.g. Ps. 58)