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Be An Encourager

Is your life an encouragement to God’s people or a discouragement? In this special New Year’s Eve sermon, Pastor Babij goes to the book of Numbers to examine the sin of discouraging others. Pastor Babij discusses three main ways Christians can become discouragers and then looks at four qualities of the truly encouraging person.

The Way of Salvation: Look and Live!

In today’s Resurrection Day sermon, Pastor Babij compares the bronze serpent of Numbers 21 to Jesus Christ, explaining that, just as the Israelites had to look to the serpent to be saved, so now all men must look to Jesus. Sinners have no power to save themselves; salvation simply comes from personal belief in the…

Joshua, Caleb, and the Spies

In this lesson, we look at the account of Israel spying out and then refusing to enter the promised land of Canaan. While most of Israel doubted God and refused to obey God, a faithful remnant that included Joshua and Caleb stood strong and urged obedience. This passage has much to teach believers about trusting God’s…