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Lesson 11: Ambrose and Augustine

In this lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia examines two more fourth century church fathers and their legacies : Ambrose (the Church Supremacist) and Augustine (The Legacy Provider). Augustine’s influence has been particularly significant on the Western church and even Western civilization.

Lesson 9: Origen, Allegory, and Culture

In this lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia finishes up presentation of the Polemical Fathers by introducing a final third century theologian, the controversial Origen. Pastor Dave also discusses two issues brought up the second and third century fathers: the allegorical hermeneutic and the proper Christian response to world culture.

Lesson 8: The Second Century Apologists and the Polemic Fathers

In this lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia introduces key church fathers from the second and third centuries, men known as the second century apologists and polemical fathers. As Pastor Dave discusses these men and their legacies for the church, Pastor Dave asks us to consider a crucial question: what is the proper way for Christians to…

People of the Reformation

In this Sunday school lesson, Mark Twombly presents an overview of some key figures of the Pre-reformation and Reformation periods: John Wycliffe, John Hus, Martin Luther, John Calvin, and William Tyndale. Though these men were not perfect, God used them in a powerful way to bring his saving gospel to the world.

Lesson 7: Canonicity and the Apostolic Fathers

In this lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia briefly discusses the issue of canonicity, how the Christian church came to recognize which books belonged in the Bible and which books did not. Pastor Dave then introduces several apostolic fathers, those church leaders who came right after the apostles and some of whom were even taught directly by…

Lesson 6: The Seven Ecumenical Church Councils

In this lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia discusses the seven ecumenical councils of the early and medieval church that sought to clarify what the Bible teaches about the Trinity and the nature of Christ against various emerging heretical beliefs. In many ways, we Christians today still benefit from the pronouncements of these ancient councils, but not…

Lesson 5: Early Heresies

In this lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia discusses the four main heresies affecting the Christian church before the fourth century. Pastor Dave emphasizes how the early church stood on the word handed down from the apostles to defend the faith and how we need to do the same today as we see new forms of the…

Lesson 4: The Christian Empire

In this lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia discusses how the situation for early Roman Christians transformed dramatically with the emperorship of Constantine. Pastor Dave explains what happened to bring Constantine to power, what Constantine’s policies were toward Christians, and how his policies—and those of his successors—had profound effects on Christianity, both positively and negatively.