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Heartbreaking Commissioning

In this sermon, guest speaker Naoto Funada examines Isaiah 6:1-13 and God’s supernatural commissioning of Isaiah the prophet. Naoto Funada explains from the passage three ways to be heart broken for the Lord so that the Lord will use you to bring the gospel to all the nations. 1. We Must Be Heartbroken over Who…

When Living Is Christ Then Dying Is Gain

In this sermon, our Jews for Jesus missionary Dan Sered examines Paul’s profound statement in Philippians 1:21 that “to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” After explaining the meaning of this verse, Dan Sered shares his personal testimony and urges believers to embrace Paul’s same attitude.

People of the Reformation

In this Sunday school lesson, Mark Twombly presents an overview of some key figures of the Pre-reformation and Reformation periods: John Wycliffe, John Hus, Martin Luther, John Calvin, and William Tyndale. Though these men were not perfect, God used them in a powerful way to bring his saving gospel to the world.

Deliverance that Exalts the Lord Jesus Christ

In this sermon, our guest, Pastor Tom McConnell, examines Luke 8:29-39 and the account of Jesus delivering the man with the legion of demons. Pastor Tom explains two lessons about deliverance that should result in the exaltation of Jesus—even new belief in Jesus and new boldness for Jesus. 1. The Need for Jesus’ Deliverance (vv.…

The Gospel in the Feasts of Israel: Our Call

In this special sermon from one of our kingdom workers, Dan Sered overviews his work and then examines the list of Israel’s feasts in Leviticus 23. Dan Sered explains how the spring feasts connect with the events of Jesus’ first coming (crucifixion, resurrection, coming of the Holy Spirit) and how the fall feasts connect with…

Beware Philosophy

In this sermon, David Capoccia examines the crucial principles of Colossians 2:6-8, where God commands believers to hold fast to the person and word of Christ so that believers are not taken captive by false wisdom. David Capoccia also applies the passage’s principles to popular modern assertions made from philosophy, science, and psychology. Full Transcript:…