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Controversy with the Sadducces – A Tricky Conundrum

Pastor Babij examines the Sadducces questioning of Jesus and the devious conundrum used against Jesus to make Him look ridiculous. Pastor Babij teaches how Jesus turned the tables on the Sadducces and used Moses’ writings, which the Sadducces revered, to prove that there is a resurrection and that God is the God of the living,…

Get Serious About Sexual Sin (Part 2): Rejoice in Your Spouse

In this sermon, David Capoccia completes his examination of Solomon’s wise teaching regarding sex and sexual sin in Proverbs 5. David Capoccia reviews the main points from the first message and then explains the second and third reasons God gives so that a person might keep his way far from sexual temptation: God’s pleasurable provision and…

The Truths of Serious Discipleship (Part 5): Marriage and Divorce

In this sermon, Pastor Babij concludes his examination of the New Testament’s teaching on marriage and divorce. In this sermon, Pastor Babij explains the two exceptions to God’s prohibition on divorce and remarriage: 1.) habitual, unrepentant, hard-hearted adultery and 2.) desertion by a non-believing spouse. Pastor Babij also discusses what a Christian should do if there is an unbiblical…

The Truths of Serious Discipleship (Part 4): Marriage and Divorce

In this sermon, Pastor Babij further examines the teaching of Jesus in Mark regarding divorce. In part 4, Pastor Babij explains the meaning of “indecency” as originally intended in Moses’ divorce law in Deuteronomy 24:1-4; according to Moses, the only defilement causing divorce to be permitted is sexual immorality.

The Truth of Serious Discipleship (Part 3): Marriage & Divorce

God’s binding purpose for marriage is the focal point of this sermon in which Pastor Babij explores Jesus’ teaching on marriage and divorce. Against a backdrop of Pharisaical provocation, Jesus’ response provides recourse to the Mosaic law. Pastor Babij draws applications from Deuteronomy and 1 Corinthians to encourage Christians to foster commitment as the fount…

Isaac and Rebekah

In this Sunday school lesson, we investigate the account of Abraham’s servant acquiring Rebekah as a wife for Isaac in Genesis 24. As we observe, interpret, and apply this passage, we specifically consider how God demonstrated covenant kindness to Abraham and what that covenant kindness means for believers today.

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God Creates Man and Woman

In this lesson, we examine the account of man’s and woman’s creation in Genesis 2 and think through the passage’s implications for gender and marriage today. We also discuss whether Genesis 2 contradicts Genesis 1 and whether we should see Genesis 2 as straightforward history or evolutionary allegory.