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Traditional Defilement Versus Real Defilement

In this sermon, Pastor Babij investigates Jesus’ confrontation with the Pharisees over ceremonial hand-washing. Pastor Babij discusses how Jesus uses the occasion to correct the Pharisees on the source of true uncleanness before God: not bodily contact with unclean objects or people, but an idolatrous, defiled heart. As Pastor Babij explains, unless a person’s heart is cleansed by God, that…

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The Hearts of Man

In this lesson, we discuss the state of man’s heart in light of Adam’s fall and the rest of the Bible: is man basically good, evil, or malleable? We also examine whether any man is able to choose God on his own and how the doctrine of original sin should affect our presentations of the gospel today.

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Effects of the Fall

In this lesson, we discuss the different effects of the Fall evident in God’s confrontation of Adam and Eve and in the curses God pronounces as punishment for their disobedience; the curses have implications for Satan, child rearing, marriage, work, and death. We also examine how believing in Jesus Christ rescues one from all of these…

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Corruption: Sin Enters the World

In this lesson, we begin discussing the second C of the Seven Cs of Creation: Corruption. Using Genesis 3, we examine the circumstances of the Fall, the strategy Satan uses against Adam and Eve, and the gospel’s appearance in the midst of the tragedy.