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The Duty of the Christian: Subjection — Learning Submission (Part 1)

In this sermon, Pastor Babij teaches on submission from First Peter 2:13-17. He shows that submission is not a choice but a command from God and teaches that resistance to lawful authorities is resistance against God. Pastor lists several attitudes, reasons and benefits for submission. He also lays out principles for biblical resistance against the…

The Controversy over Paying Taxes (Part 2)

Pastor Babij examines the role of human government and the Christian’s responsibilities to that government. Pastor Babij explains that Christians are to obey the lawful orders even of tyrants if they do not conflict with God’s law and to pray for those rulers. Pastor Babij also gives some counsel regarding voting in the upcoming election.

The Controversy over Paying Taxes

Pastor Babij examines Mark’s account of the Pharisees and Herodians attempting to trap Jesus with a question: should the Jews pay the Roman tax or not? Pastor Babij explains how Jesus showed His divine wisdom in response, avoiding the trap while clarifying the Christian’s relationship to government. From Jesus’ example, Pastor Babij points out five…