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Lesson 13: Biblical Counseling Q & A

In this special question and answer lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia first discusses the issue of identity in relation to LGBTQ assertions and then answers four submitted questions related to biblical counseling for marriage and parenthood: 1. What does the Bible say about dating? 2. What role should Christian parents play in their children’s dating? 3.…

Lesson 10: God’s Design for Parenting, Part 2

In this lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia overviews seven biblical emphases for parental instruction and four critical considerations for blended/step-families. Pastor Dave then opens up a time a testimony for Christian parents in the class.

Lesson 3: Practical Guidance for Marriage and Family Counseling

In this lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia provides practical guidance for going about marriage and family counseling. More specifically, Pastor Dave explains what church ministry to families ought to look like generally, what common problems and challenges exist in the lifecycle of a family, and then what specific practical considerations Christians should keep in mind when…

Lesson 2: The Importance of the Family

In this lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia explains the importance of the family as an institution established by God. Pastor Dave specifically looks to investigate and answer two main questions: 1. Why is marriage and family counseling important? 2. What is the family?

Lesson 1: Biblical Counseling Foundations

In this lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia begins a new, twelve-week series on biblical counseling for marriage and parenthood by reviewing the most fundamental concepts of the Biblical Counseling 101 course ( Pastor Dave will be applying these foundational concepts specifically to marriage and parenting in the coming weeks. More specifically, Pastor Dave answers three key…

Passing on to Your Children the Living Oracles of God

In this sermon, Pastor Joe Babij looks at several Bible passages to teach the importance of applying the law of God, especially the Ten Commandments, to the raising of children. Pastor Babij explains how God’s commands and our failure to keep them expose the sinful heart and point each of us to our need for…

Visual Memorials of God’s Faithfulness

In this special Father’s Day sermon, Pastor Joe Babij considers Joshua 4 and God’s command to Joshua to memorialize the miraculous crossing of the Jordan River. Pastor Babij explains that Christians, too, need to be purposeful in visually memorializing the great works of God in our lives, both for our own sake and for the…