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gospel of John

I Am Not the Christ

In this sermon, Pastor Dave Capoccia examines John the Baptist’s testimony about himself in John 1:19-28. The author, John the Apostle, presents John the Baptist’s three-part testimony about himself so that you will believe and exult in Jesus alone. John the Baptist testifies in the same three ways that you should testify about yourself as…

gospel of John

The Supreme Word

In this sermon, Pastor Dave Capoccia examines the prologue of John’s Gospel, John 1:1-18. In this prologue, John gives four arresting identifications of Jesus so that you will pay attention to Jesus as the supreme Word of God. 1. Jesus Is the Wise and Powerful Creator (1:1-5) 2. Jesus Is the True and Ultimate Light…

gospel of John

Introduction to the Gospel of John

In this first sermon in a new series going through the Gospel of John, Pastor Dave Capoccia gives an introduction to the Gospel. Pastor Dave explains five main areas of background information that will help you better understand and appreciate the Gospel of John: author, date, origin, purpose, and structure.