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Fundamentals of the Faith

Lesson 24: God’s Will and Guidance

In this final lesson of our Fundamentals of the Faith series, Pastor Dave Capoccia considers the topic of understanding God’s will for our lives and receiving His guidance. Pastor Dave answers three key questions in relation to this topic: 1. What do we mean by “God’s will”? 2. How should we respond to the different…

Fundamentals of the Faith

Lesson 20: Spiritual Gifts, Part 2

In this Fundamentals of the Faith lesson, Mark Twombly finishes discussing the topic of spiritual gifts, distinguishing between the temporary miraculous gifts of Bible times and the other supernatural gifts true Christians are to use in ministering to one another today.

Fundamentals of the Faith

Lesson 16: The Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit, Part 3

In this lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia finishes overviewing the Bible’s fundamental teaching on the Holy Spirit. In part 3, Pastor Dave discusses the work the Holy Spirit does in believers today and how believers have an opportunity and obligation to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.