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Effects of the Fall

In this lesson, we discuss the different effects of the Fall evident in God’s confrontation of Adam and Eve and in the curses God pronounces as punishment for their disobedience; the curses have implications for Satan, child rearing, marriage, work, and death. We also examine how believing in Jesus Christ rescues one from all of these…

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Corruption: Sin Enters the World

In this lesson, we begin discussing the second C of the Seven Cs of Creation: Corruption. Using Genesis 3, we examine the circumstances of the Fall, the strategy Satan uses against Adam and Eve, and the gospel’s appearance in the midst of the tragedy.

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Creation Compromise

In this lesson, we discuss three common old-earth viewpoints in today’s church: the Gap Theory, Progressive Creation, and Theistic Evolution. We also consider whether the church’s previous error regarding geocentrism/heliocentrism in the early 1600s should affect our attitudes toward the claims of scientists and theologians today.

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How Old Is the Earth?

In this lesson, we discuss Genesis’s clear and specific claims about the age of the earth, both in Genesis 1-2 and in the special genealogies of chapters 5 and 11. We also examine radioisotope dating and whether its necessary assumptions fit with a biblical worldview.

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God Creates Man and Woman

In this lesson, we examine the account of man’s and woman’s creation in Genesis 2 and think through the passage’s implications for gender and marriage today. We also discuss whether Genesis 2 contradicts Genesis 1 and whether we should see Genesis 2 as straightforward history or evolutionary allegory.