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Sermons/Sunday Schools using Hebrews 6:1-8:

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A Most Serious Sin: Apostasy

In this sermon, Pastor Joe Babij looks at Hebrews 6:1-8 and 10:25-31 to warn against the serious sin of apostasy, abandoning Christ and Christ’s truth. Pastor Babij explains how refusing to mature spiritually and abandoning the local assembly are fearful signposts on the way ultimately to despising the triune God and the faith once and…

A Harsh Warning amid a Strong Exhortation to Keep Pressing on toward Full Maturity

Full Transcript: Let’s take our bibles and turn to Hebrews 6. I will give an introduction from my last message in order to connect messages. I left you with chapter 5 where the author had a problem. That problem is that he wanted to go on and teach about the Son’s typological relationship with Melchizedek…