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Sermons/Sunday Schools using Mark 7:1-23:

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Have You Not Read?

Answers Bible Curriculum Year 3 Quarter 2 Lesson 6 This week in Sunday school, we consider how Jesus dealt with religious leaders using tradition to misinterpret Scripture and excuse sin. What can we learn from Jesus’ example to deal with this issue in our own lives and in the world at large? Our main texts…

Traditional Defilement Versus Real Defilement

In this sermon, Pastor Babij investigates Jesus’ confrontation with the Pharisees over ceremonial hand-washing. Pastor Babij discusses how Jesus uses the occasion to correct the Pharisees on the source of true uncleanness before God: not bodily contact with unclean objects or people, but an idolatrous, defiled heart. As Pastor Babij explains, unless a person’s heart is cleansed by God, that…