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The Reality of True Discipleship (Part 4): The Judgment Seat of Christ – Crowns as Rewards

In this sermon, Pastor Babij finishes explaining the five crowns given to faithful believers. Specifically, Pastor Babij discusses the Sufferer’s Crown from James 1:12 and the Watcher’s Crown in 2 Timothy 4:8. Using 1 Peter 4:7-11, Pastor Babij also examines two of the five ways Christians ought to be affected by the teaching of Christ’s judgment…

Final Words on Finishing Well

In this guest sermon by our supported missionary, Ken Newton examines part of the charge given by the apostle Paul to Timothy as Paul was about to die. Specifically, Ken Newton examines 2 Timothy 4:7 and explains the three main responsibilities Christians must fulfill if Christians are to finish well and gain Christ’s reward: fighting…

The Reality of True Discipleship (Part 3): The Judgment Seat of Christ — Reward

In this sermon, Pastor Babij continues discussing the judgment of believers by Christ, the judgment that determines reward. This time, Pastor Babij begins exploring the kind of rewards awaiting believers via the different crowns the Bible describes. Pastor Babij examines three of the five biblical crowns: the incorruptible crown (The Steadfast Runner’s Crown), the crown…

The Reality of True Discipleship: Costly Yet Rewarding

In this sermon, Pastor Babij investigates Jesus’ teaching about being His true follower in Mark 10:28-31. This teaching comes right after Jesus’ conversation with the rich young ruler. Pastor Babij explains that true discipleship to Jesus 1.) has a cost, 2.) has a reward, and 3.) has an irony.

God Calls Elisha

Answers Bible Curriculum Year 2 Quarter 2 Lesson 12 In this lesson, David Capoccia examines the end of the prophet Elijah’s ministry and the succession of the prophet Elisha. In relation to the Christian life, David Capoccia considers how Elijah and Elisha’s lives should encourage suffering Christians to remain faithful and to remember how God measures success…

Arm Yourself to Suffer Righteously

In this sermon, David Capoccia explores Peter’s exhortation regarding suffering in 1 Peter 4. After some important introductory information, David Capoccia explains that, to suffer righteously and joyfully, believers must: 1.) arm themselves for suffering with Christ’s mindset, 2.) not seek to escape suffering by adopting worldly behavior, and 3.) remember that judgment is coming.

Answers Bible Curriculum

God Calls Abram

In this lesson, we examine the call of Abram to leave his country and follow God. Specifically, we look to answer the following questions: Why did God call Abram? How did Abram respond? Why did Abram respond the way that he did? What ultimately motivated Abram? How ought we to be instructed by Abram’s example?

Answers Bible Curriculum

Job’s Suffering

In this lesson, we seek to get a handle of the book of Job: what are we supposed to learn from Job and his suffering? How was he able to do endure so much yet cling to God? The answers have much to do with God’s worth, God’s sovereignty, and man’s limited ability to comprehend the good purposes…

Perseverance in the Midst of Opposition and Problems

In this sermon, Pastor Babij examines the unique challenges that arose in Jesus’s Galilean ministry and how Jesus overcame them. These challenges were: people misrepresenting/mistreating Him, people imposing upon Him, spiritual forces seeking to hinder Him, and ministry needs beyond the capacity of one person. Pastor Babij also explains how these circumstances were instructive to the apostles and…