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Spiritual Blindness: At Times We Just Don’t See It! (Part 1)

In this sermon, Pastor Babij examines the account of Jesus miraculously feeding 4,000 men. Pastor Babij explains that the occasion was one in which the disciples, Jesus own followers, demonstrated spiritual dullness and blindness. Unlike Jesus, the disciples were not moved with compassion over the needs of others and did not remember that God provides for…

Why God’s People Do Not Worry

In this sermon, David Capoccia examines Jesus’ teaching on worry in the Sermon on the Mount. David Capoccia explains two commands from Jesus regarding worry, two comforting metaphors from Jesus’ illustrating the believer’s relationship to God, and seven reasons from Jesus as to why Christians should not worry.

The Exodus from Egypt

In this lesson, we examine the departure of the people of Israel from Egypt, God’s deliverance at the Red Sea, and the complaints of the people in the desert. God was teaching something to Israel in each of these circumstances, and the lessons that Israel needed to learn are the same lessons that believers need to…

Astounding Infinite Mercy (Part 1)

In this sermon, Pastor Babij examines Jesus’ exchange with a Syro-Phoenician woman in Mark 7. Pastor Babij discusses the woman’s great humility, understanding, and faith as she comes to Jesus with her request. When people truly understand and accept Jesus as He is, like this woman does, instead of as they imagine Him to be, that is when they become…

God Calls Moses

In this lesson, we look at Exodus 2-4 and how God raises up Moses to lead Israel out of Egypt. In our study, we notice that Moses’ expected method of deliverance does not turn out to be God’s method. We therefore consider application for ourselves; do we sometimes find ourselves disappointed, discouraged, and depressed when God keeps…

Bondage in Egypt

In this lesson, we examine Exodus 1 and the account of enslavement of the children of Israel. This account raises a number of questions: where was God during the suffering of the Israelites? When and for how long were the Israelites enslaved? Did God condone the lying of the Hebrew midwives to pharaoh? We investigate these…

Joseph in Egypt

In this lesson, we examine what trials Joseph went through in Egypt, how Joseph responded to those trials, and how God worked a great and compassionate plan through it all. We also take time to note how we can follow Joseph’s example in our own lives.

Joseph’s Early Life

In this lesson, we examine how God sovereignly arranged circumstances in Joseph’s early life to bring Joseph to Potiphar’s household in Egypt. We also ask what we can learn from this account in Genesis for our own lives, that is, how we can trust in God’s good plans when it looks like God’s promises are being…

The Compassionate Shepherd Feeds His Flock

In this sermon, Pastor Babij examines the account of Jesus miraculously feeding 5,000 men (15,000 to 20,000 people) in Mark 6. Pastor Babij explains that the miracle was actually a purposeful teaching moment; Jesus was teaching His disciples to simply be obedient with their limited resources to Christ’s commands and then watch God work.