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Be Holy in 2016, Part 2

In this sermon, David Capoccia considers further application from the teaching of the Apostle John in 1 John 1:5-2:11. Specifically, David Capoccia addresses four truths from the Bible that are frequently twisted today in a way that harms sanctification. The four truths are: Christians Still Sin, God Is Sovereign, God’s Grace Motivates Christian Holiness, and God Provides Sufficient Means for Christian Holiness. These four truths are often interpreted to mean: Habits of Sin Are Normal for Christians, Christians Should Wait Passively for God to Sanctify Them, Meditation on Salvation Will Automatically Produce Sanctification, and Christians Can Pursue Holiness Alone/Other People Are Responsible for a Christian’s Holiness. David Capoccia counters these misinterpretations and reasserts God’s true standard for Christians.