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Biblical Arguments for Cessationism

In this sermon, Pastor Joe Babij begins presenting the case for cessationism, the belief that, while God can and still does do miracles today, God no longer empowers individual Christians with miraculous sign-gifts (i.e. prophecy, tongues, healings, exorcisms, works of power). In part 1, Pastor Babij presents ten biblical arguments on behalf of cessationism:

1. The Unique Role of Miracles
2. The End of the Gift of Apostleship
3. The Foundational Nature of New Testament Apostles and Prophets
4. The Nature of Miraculous Gifts in New Testament Times
5. The Testimony of Church History
6. The Testimony of Recent History
7. The Sufficiency of Scripture
8. The Rules Followed in the New Testament to Regulate Revelatory Gifts
9. The Verification Sign-Gifts Diminished over New Testament Times
10. The Unique Role of Miracles in the End Times