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The Doctrines of Grace, Part 4: Irresistible Grace/Effectual Calling

In this sermon, Pastor Babij examines the fourth Doctrine of Grace: Irresistible Grace. Is God just a concerned bystander or does He actually draw people to salvation?

Using Scripture, Pastor Babij explains that there is precedent for God’s irresistibility besides Irresistible Grace, such as at creation and in our physical birth. Pastor Babij then carefully shows how the Bible teaches that, without God’s drawing, man’s sinful heart will never and can never call upon God. A person requires the Lord’s special interference in his life to hear and respond to the calling of God. Divine regeneration must occur first for a person to have the faith to savingly respond to the gospel. Pastor Babij closes with Jude 1:1, reminding that those who are in the faith are called and sanctified by God and preserved by the Lord Jesus Christ.

NOTE: The last part of the sermon video was lost due to a technical glitch. We apologize for the inconvenience. You can hear the rest if you listen to the audio version on our website starting at about minute 44:00.