Sermons & Sunday Schools

New Testament Attacks

Answers Bible Curriculum Year 3 Quarter 1 Lesson 6

This week in Sunday school, we consider some of the criticisms often made against the New Testament and how we should respond. We focus on the claim that the New Testament arbitrarily contains some early Christian writings but not others.

In the first part of our class, we’ll watch a video presentation from Answers in Genesis on why there are only 27 books in the New Testament. This video will both review and explain further some of the topics we’ve broached this quarter:

1. When were the books of the New Testament written?
2. When were these books recognized as a divinely authored canon?
3. Why didn’t some books make it into the canon?
4. How were these books accurately preserved for us?

(Note: The presentation is not included in our online video, but can be found at, starting at the 16:35 mark.)

In the second part of our class, we’ll examine excerpts from two rejected Gospels and see for ourselves why such writings were recognized as false scriptures.