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God, What Are You Doing? Part 1: Questioning

In this sermon, Pastor Dave Capoccia begins a mini-series on Habakkuk, the prophet who asked the same question that Christians often ask during ongoing trials: “God, What Are You Doing?” Part 1 sees Pastor Dave introduce the book of Habakkuk and examine the first step of rightly dealing with God’s difficult providence: Questioning. In Habakkuk 1:1-17, Habakkuk teaches you that, amid ongoing trials, God is working something good, but you will still have unanswered questions. Habakkuk’s teaching follows a question and answer format with God:

Question 1: God, Why Aren’t You Doing Anything? (vv. 2-4)
Answer 1: I Am Doing Something You Don’t Expect (vv. 5-11)
Question 2: God, How Is What You Are Doing Right? (vv. 12-17)