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Evaluating Financial Decisions

In this final lesson, Khaleef Crumbley examines multiple topics related to personal finances and biblical stewardship. Khaleef Crumbley discusses gambling, the difference between contentment and fear/laziness, and various financial concepts Christians should know. These concepts include: Time Value of Money Compounding Interest Expected Return Unintended/Indirect Costs Valuing Your Time Opportunity Cost Sunk Cost

Retirement and Insurance

In this lesson, Khaleef Crumbley discusses retirement, inheritance, and insurance in light of the Bible. Specifically, Khaleef Crumbley examines different ways to save for retirement, concepts of stewardship as a more important legacy than money, and various types of insurance.

Credit and Debt

In this lesson, Khaleef Crumbley continues his discussion about budgeting by walking through a sample budget and how a fictional family could work to improve it. Khaleef Crumbley then discusses the concepts of credit and debt. Specifically, Khaleef Crumbley explains: The Purpose of Debt The Requirement of Debt The Bondage of Debt Khaleef Crumbley also discusses credit scores…


In this lesson, Khaleef Crumbley discusses budgeting as an aspect of godly stewardship. Khaleef Crumbley first discusses why Christians need budgets and then describes the steps of creating a good budget: Identify all sources of income Track current expenses Set goals Evaluate expenses


In this lesson, Khaleef Crumbley examines what Christians can do with the money they have: spend, save/invest, and give. Khaleef Crumbley discusses how to biblically use money in each of these ways. For giving, Khaleef explains ten aspects of worshipful giving as seen in 2 Corinthians 8:1-7. Give in light of God’s grace Give even…


In this lesson, Khaleef Crumbley looks more closely at being a biblical entrepreneur or free lance worker. Khaleef Crumbley begins by looking at statistics related to self-employment, discusses the Bible’s principles about being bold with opportunities versus exercising wise caution, and finally examines the character of a godly business owner.

Work and Income

In this lesson, Khaleef Crumbley discusses the roles of work and income in the Christian life. Khaleef Crumbley clarifies that work is more than a necessary evil to secure provision for ourselves; it is a way to imitate God, glorify Him, and give testimony to others about Him. In discussing types of income, Khaleef Crumbley gives…


In this lesson, Khaleef Crumbley discusses the ideas of money and stewardship in light of the Bible. In particular, Khaleef Crumbley explains three fundamental truths about money: money is neutral, parents are responsible to teach their children about the proper use of money, and money reveals the heart. Khaleef Crumbley also explores four roles of…